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At KRM Web Design we build high quality, responsive websites for schools, colleges, universities, crèches and other educational services around the country. When you choose KRM Web Design you know you are guaranteed to be working with high quality web developers. We offer high quality school websites that are built with modern web technology in mind.

We specialise in educational websites and software to help your school or educational service run more smoothly and more efficiently. We value customers and try to focus on customer service at every turn.

At KRM Web Design we know that technology is changing.

The Internet and Internet-friendly devices are becoming much more easily accessed even by the youngest of children.

We are working on a pamphlet to help teachers and parents teach their children and students how to use the Internet in a safe way and a manner that promotes a child or student's right to privacy. This pamphlet will be given out free to all our current and previous clients.

School Websites Ireland: Improve your web presence!

Having a school website means being visible to the whole world. Parents can see if there is a school in the area they are considering moving to, or they might need information about the school, like what activities are available, or what type of extra support your school can offer.

Websites are best viewed with modern browsers and mobile devices, while gracefully degrading for older browsers and devices.

How much does it cost:

The whole package, including consultation, website creation, three months free tech support and aftercare maintenance training is only 750€ + VAT.

In addition to that you would have to add the yearly cost of registering a domain name, around 29€. A recurring monthly/yearly fee would be required for managed hosting.


KRM Web Design would deliver the school website to your specifications, train relevant staff\parents to the use of the website and explain how to upload new content, new images, slideshows or videos.

In addition to that, there would be three months of free technical support. Updating existing or creating new content is very easy, and every page can be safely previewed before it is committed to the website.

Errors, if any, can be very easily corrected.

How it works

After an initial consultation we will agree to create a modern looking school website that is easy to navigate and very simple to use. Based on a Content Management System, you will have full control over your site at all times and you will be able to update it from home, from the school, from your smartphone or from anywhere else in the world!

What you get

All of the above can, obviously, be changed to reflect the current needs of the school at the time. In addition to that, there would be full control over the looks of the school website: you can have different colors, backgrounds, fonts, images or video for any page on the site.

When completed, your site will help parents and the community to get all the information that they need about your school, reducing your administration costs while saving you time and energy. Parents from outside the area who have recently moved in or are planning on moving nearby and looking for a school would be able to find the school from a Google search.

A content management system, in relation to website building, is a web application which allows you to create and manage all the information that appears on your school website. It allows users with no knowledge of computer code or web site maintenance to manage their site on a day to day basis keeping all the content up to date and relevant without the costs of paying an external party. The one used for your website is called WordPress.

Content management systems can normally be accessed from anywhere in the world and any updates that you make will appear on your website at the click of a button.

Once you log into your content management system, all content is separated from the visual presentation of a site. This makes it much easier and quicker to edit. It’s quite like using Microsoft Office applications!

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